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Gavin has been performing magic for over 25 years.  His vast experience across various different events means he has entertained and interacted with people of all varieties and knows how to entertain and wow a crowd as well as individuals. 

With a gentle, approachable style and a great sense of humour, Gavin is the perfect magician to have at your event. 

He will charm and enchant your guests with sleight of hand and incredible illusions performed right in front of your eyes.

Gavin believes there is magic to be found everywhere. There is the magic of a newborn child, the magic a couple finds with each other and there is the magic that Gavin performs that lights up the eyes of people and leave them wondering.... how?

Gavin is a magician based in Essex but loves to bring magic to everyone so is not limited in his travels. His membership of The Magic Circle shows his enthusiasm and professionalism for his work. 

Why not contact Gavin and add a little extra magic to your life?

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